Concur //China Adventures

This past week, we returned from one of our most exciting work projects yet. One of our awesome clients, Concur, flew us out to China to shoot and produce a video for them in Shanghai. This is the first time that our company has ventured to another country, so we returned to Seattle able to say that VIA is now working internationally.

Our first week was dedicated to scouting the city of Shanghai, filming in multiple sites with our client, and editing footage into rough timelines. Here's a handful of behind the scenes shots taken of our setup and the awesome people we got to work with.

Part 2 Travel Inbetweens.jpg

Upon completing our first week in China, we headed out from Shanghai for some personal travel around various other regions, including the magical Zhangjiajie National Park and Beijing. Transportation (read: avoid getting utterly lost) and the language barrier proved to be quite the challenges during our travels, but we somehow always managed to make it work. It's a small miracle that nobody missed any flights and that we didn't get so lost that we couldn't find our way back, though some members did lose a few non essential items along the way. China is such an incredibly expansive country, there's no way we even scratched the surface of all that it has to offer. In the seven days of our traveling abroad after Shanghai, we felt like we got to see a lot but didn't really digest or reflect deeply upon it until returning. Its geodiversity is almost as incredible as the richness of its culture, and it goes without saying that there was amazing food.

We spent one of our first travel days in Tianmen Mountain, taking in the views of some jaw dropping cliff edges, foggy forests, and the massive Heaven's Gate (Tianmen Mountain's keyhole cave). This was probably one of our favorite locations that we visited in all of China.

Our remaining days were spent exploring other parts of the greater Zhangjiajie National Park, the inspiration for the Hallelujah floating mountains in James Cameron's "Avatar." It's a pretty enormous area that takes multiple different shuttles and buses to fully traverse. We made the mistake of exploring to the opposite end of the park from where we were staying and ended up getting slightly lost and stranded, but were fortunately able to get a taxi to take us the long way back to our home base in time to pack up for our flight. It was well worth it.

Before we left China for good, we were fortunate enough to get to spend a couple of days in Beijing as well as visit the Great Wall. This has been on our travel bucket list for a long time so we were incredibly excited to go. While we just barely missed the cutoff time to get into the Forbidden City, we still were able to walk around Tiananmen Square and explore the Temple of Heaven among other notable areas of the city.

Thanks for following along on our adventures in China!

- Team VIA