VIA Creatives // Rebrand

Greetings, everyone!

These past few years have truly been some exciting times for us here at VIA Creatives, from launching our brand in 2013 to working with a host of awesome new clients, traveling to various parts of the country to deepening partnerships and making new connections right here in the Pacific Northwest. With everything that’s been going on, we wanted to keep people updated on what VIA is going to look like in the upcoming future. As a company, we had early ties to wedding videography but quickly found ourselves immersed in the corporate world getting to work on some very exciting campaigns with recognizable brands as well as producing content for various local groups with a story to tell. As both components of our studio continue to grow, we’re excited to announce VIA’s rebrand!

We are establishing two independent brands to represent both the wedding and corporate work that we do: VIA Weddings and VIA Creatives.

In launching VIA Weddings as its own standalone identity under the greater VIA umbrella, our hopes are to more effectively communicate the brand that it stands for and the work that we do to share the unique stories of every couple’s wedding day.

Additionally, we have revamped and updated our websites to better represent the body of work that we do here at VIA. It’s been a joy getting to partner with so many different companies and brands over the years and we wanted our website to more effectively reflect that in the videos we showcase.

Take a look below!