Milgard // More than just Windows and Doors

One of the most interesting processes we were able to experience and learn about recently was how doors and windows are produced by one of the leading companies in the market, Milgard Windows and Doors. Over the past several years we have been able to explore and learn about so many different industries but Milgard was among the first groups that allowed us to dive into the realm of product and home manufacturing. From connecting with clients regarding the selection and purchasing process to actually producing the doors locally here in the Pacific Northwest, Milgard relayed to us the importance of creating a quality product backed with the best customer service in the game.

It was truly a unique experience getting to set foot on the manufacturing floor and watch the building process that each door in the Essence series goes through. The machinery and fast paced nature of the whole operation helped give us a strong foundation to build off for composing shots and creating a story of the Milgard process. The environment proved to be conducive for producing some visually stimulating shots utilizing our movi, though we still had challenges to work through such as moving around the floor without tripping over the metal shoe protectors we were required to wear for safety reasons.

Check out the film we made for them here:

All in all it was an awesome first project to connect with Milgard on and we are looking forward to working on future videos with them!