New York, Super Bowl, Chicken and Rice

This past weekend was an adventure for VIA!

NYC Chinatown Parade.JPG

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you'll know that we were in New York last week for a project with Verizon FiOS, shooting a Lunar New Year parade in Manhattan's Chinatown with hundreds of thousands of attendees lining the streets.

Our morning and early afternoon was spent filming Verizon representatives and following the FiOS parade float (or in Tyler's case, standing atop the float as seen from the picture on the right) as brand ambassadors and singer Jason Chen threw red foam FiOS balls into the screaming crowds that we passed through. While indeed an awesome experience seeing that many people in one place, it was but a precursor to that evening's upcoming insanity.

At 4pm, Eastern Time, we found ourselves scrambling through the New York subways and bus lines trying to frantically make our way over to Secaucus, New Jersey; we had just successfully purchased Super Bowl XLVIII tickets half an hour earlier. In Secaucus was the StubHub ticket pickup center, which we were only able to get to thanks to the awesome representatives at the train line stations guiding us where to go, already having established a bus shuttle service to and from Met Life Stadium for all StubHub ticket holders. We made it to the stadium just about a half hour before kickoff (thank you so much StubHub, you've won future business from us here at VIA) and the madness ensued.

We'd have to say that the light show during the Half Time Show was absolutely phenomenal. Bruno Mars opened with an awesome drum solo that flowed right into his hit "Locked Out Of Heaven," eventually leading up to the RHCP (I wish they played more songs but it was still awesome finally getting to see them live). Every seat also came equipped with a care package that included a beanie with an LED light panel on the front that synced to the music during the show, turning all of us fans into a giant light display that enveloped the entire stadium.

Ultimately though, it was an absolutely amazing experience to be at the game and watch our Seahawks dominate the field surrounded by a sea of other Seattle fans. Leading at Half Time 22-0? Absolutely unreal. While I wouldn't go as far as to say that the noise rivaled that of a home game at Century Link, the 12th man was definitely more than present from the beginning of the game with the early safety to the end of the closing ceremonies watching our team graciously receive their first and long overdue Lombardi Trophy.

Chicken and Rice.jpg

After the game, we were whisked back to Manhattan thanks to the awesome people at StubHub and before we knew it, we were at the Halal Guys food stand eating some oh-so-necessary chicken and rice. If you ever have the chance to go to New York and eat some good food, we'd highly highly hiiighly recommend you check out the Halal Guys at 53rd and 6th. No other. There are plenty of other lookalike carts, but the place to go is 53rd and 6th. If there are ever any guarantees when we travel to Manhattan, it is that we will get chicken and rice from there. You get a round tin of saffron rice with deliciously seasoned chicken on top, served with lettuce and pita bread. You finish it off by pouring some white sauce and bbq sauce on it, and if you're brave enough... a few dots of the red hot sauce. BUT NO MORE! A couple of us here at VIA have learned that the hard way.

The next morning, we awoke to a little blizzard that had settled comfortably into the cityscape. Without too much worry about our afternoon flight being delayed too much, we were able to venture out to Times Square to do some shopping and grab a bite at Shake Shack (another must if visiting NY). Being from Seattle, we're not used to a city being able to reasonably handle snow... so the ever present snowplows and salt on the roads/sidewalks making piles of seemingly harmless but actually deep, slushy puddle traps were a minor detail to adjust to while exploring. However, despite wet socks and a couple of close calls at the airport, we were able to make it back to Seattle that evening without any further complication, taking the brief moments we had amidst the frantic travel hours to reflect on the events of the weekend and the gravity of the impact that Super Bowl XLVIII would have on our not-so-little city when we returned.

As always, thanks for checking in and keeping up to date on all our adventures here at VIA Creatives!

Matt + Team VIA