Thao + Scott: A Wondrous Waterfall Wedding

You'll have to forgive me for the corny title alliteration, but the setting of the wedding could NOT have been better! Granted that the light drizzle and distant lightning during the outdoor ceremony were unforeseen factors, but we've heard it said that rain on your wedding day is good luck ;D

Enter the lovely Thao and her soft-spoken but charming partner Scott, an incredibly pleasant and sociable pair with a knack for adventure, good food, and great music. We had the privilege of meeting up with and getting to know the two on a couple of occasions before the wedding and we were certain that it was going to be a fun day! Beyond that, the more we saw the two interact, the more we saw how genuine and earnest the love that they had for each other was. They were a couple that had met on their first week as college freshmen at the UW and shortly thereafter simply knew that they were going to be together.

The wedding day itself was set at none other than the Salish Lodge at the amazing Snoqualmie Falls, complete with a beautiful offsite ceremony and outdoor reception tent overlooking the falls. There was great food, plenty of dancing, picturesque scenery, even a little extra time for the guys to go golfing before the ceremony... after which Scott presented his groomsmen with some super slick Justice League cufflinks, Thao giving her bridal party matching jewelry and Toms shoes. The entire wedding party was so supportive of the two newlyweds and it showed in their kind words and enthusiasm on the dance floor.

All in all, it was one of the liveliest of days that ended with one of the loveliest of couples. We at VIA wish Thao and Scott the best as they continue their adventures together in marriage.

Matt + Team VIA