The Consulting and Business Development Center

Open up the floodgates! Now begins a steady stream of brand new content from Team VIA!

This past month has marked the completion of several projects that the studio has been privileged to be a part of, but before expanding too much, allow us to present the film that we produced for the Consulting and Business Development Center, a distinguished group with the Foster School of Business at the UW, detailing what they’re all about! They essentially partner students with local businesses to evaluate the companies and help them grow. Check out the video here:

We had an amazing time working with The Center as well as Retail Lockbox in Seattle and Yakima-based Domex Superfresh Growers who have the most impressive orchards and processing facility.

This was one among several corporate films that were finished up this month, and as we’re right in the middle of wedding booking season, keep your eyes peeled for a few of our wedding highlights from this past summer and fall! Like we said, an influx of fun and awesome content is headed your way so take a moment to relax this holiday season and say hi!

Matt + Team VIA