We are a studio of Creatives: curious artists, passionate storytellers, and fun-loving collaborators. We use video and narratives to draw ideas and memories into the tangible world.


Our Story

Cousins Tyler Mayeno and Matt Kumasaka have both shared a passion for video since their younger years, a hobby that quickly evolved into a professional pursuit during their college years at the University of Washington in beautiful Seattle. Both had spent time in the UW's athletics department working as video assistants, initially recording football practice and game film. What started as an idea born out of late night discussions in the university dorms eventually turned into what is now VIA Creatives.

Tyler had spent a summer with a wedding production company in Hawaii and came back to Seattle with a vision to see a video studio come to life, a passion that caught fire like a slow burning ember to kindle. With Matt on board, the two started out with weddings and doing video projects for local businesses. The studio began to grow and the members quickly fell in love with the creative process and the platform that video offered to share stories and communicate with audiences in such a specific and powerful way.

Taking their experience in sports video and live event coverage, the "always ready" mentality instilled in the two was married to that of a desire to share compelling narratives and became a core component of the company culture. VIA Creatives is dedicated to using video to bring all of these aspects of storytelling to push forward stories worth telling, whether that be a newly married couple, a community oriented business, or simply the lives of phenomenal people.