VIA Creatives // Aerial Highlight

VIA has taken to the skies this past year and we wanted to share some of the beautiful imagery we have had the privilege of capturing with our trusty quadcopter!

From the classic city skyline of our beloved Seattle to some of the most iconic regions in the Pacific Northwest, we had an absolute blast getting to capture some incredible scenics and look forward to sharing more in the future!

Christine + Alex // Love Story and Wedding Film

One of the best parts of being wedding cinematographers (in our opinion) is really getting to know about our couples and shooting with them on their special day. Every now and then we get the privilege of producing what we like to call a Love Story with them earlier on during their engagement. Filming a Love Story not only gives gives us the chance to get a better understanding of who our couple really is, but it let's us create an awesome and fun piece to show at their reception to all of their family and friends!

Enter Christine and Alex, our lovely couple that met at Gonzaga University and took us around the scenic area of Green Lake in Seattle for their Love Story shooting day. Alex is a witty, fun loving jokester and showed that he has a knack for clever one-liners and the ability to put a smile on just about anyone's face. Christine is a self-proclaimed mini narcoleptic that can fall asleep just about anywhere but loves to dance, is full of life, and had the intrepidness to ask Alex out on the first date. Alex describes her as a "beam of sunlight" and they both displayed such a magnetic and charming chemistry. See for yourself in their Love Story:

The showing of their short film was marked by plenty of smiles and laughter throughout the Alki venue of Salty's overlooking a gorgeous view of a sunset-lit Seattle past the Puget Sound, where the reception was held in the evening. Actually, smiles and laughs were plentiful the entire day as it was a truly joyful occasion for the family and friends of both Christine and Alex. A sunny morning of golf for the guys and prep time for the girls at a beautifully tucked away Mukilteo home led up to a heartwarming ceremony held at Villa Academy in Laurelhurst. After vows were spoken and rings were exchanged, a party bus took our newlywed couple and their wedding party to the reception where the night was danced away. Take a look at their whole wedding film:

If you know of anyone who would adore having a Love Story shown on their wedding day, send them our way and we'd be more than thrilled to make that happen! There's nothing quite like getting to be a part of such a unique experience and for that we thank you, Christine and Alex! Here's to the lovely couple and to all of our future couples who we have yet to meet!

Bushra + Atiq // Wedding Preview

Three days of food, family and fun. Three days of ceremony, tradition and celebration. Three days of music, dancing and laughter. Bushra and Atiq's wedding was nothing short of one of the most exhilarating and colorful parties that we've had the privilege of capturing.

Held in multiple venues spread across the east side, this beautiful couple that met at the University of Washington tied the knot in grand fashion this year. We'd love to tell you more about their special day, but instead we invite you to take a look at their wedding film preview!

Lan + Tim Highlight // Kicking Off Wedding Season!

You may remember Lan and Tim from our previous post, well we're back with their wedding highlight film from scenic Puerto Rico!

VIA is stoked to share this one with you all as we were able to spend several days shooting on site and we really think the end piece came together nicely to showcase not only the beautiful scenery and festivities of the day, but really showing who Lan and Tim are and the love that they share with each other:

Are you excited? We're excited! This wedding was awesome because it got us amped up for wedding season early this year! With several weddings on the horizon this summer, we can't wait to come together with different couples on their special days to capture and share their stories!

We want to again thank Lan and Tim for allowing us to be a part of their awesome wedding day and for taking such good care of us while in Puerto Rico. VIA always feels so very blessed to be able to work with amazing couples, as every wedding is truly an adventure for us!

To read up more on Lan and Tim's wedding and to watch their hilarious and endearing Love Story, head to our previous blog post:

Wedding day vendors:

Flowers & Decor - Blanco by Mara
Rentals - Ambiance Event Rental
Cake - C+M Cake Designers
LED - Soul Music Events
DJ - Joel Bigj
Wedding Planner - Eventus by Zahira
Photography - Saul Padua

Lan + Tim // A Puerto Rico Wedding

From the moment Lan and Tim told us they were having a destination wedding, we knew we were going to be in for an amazing ride!

It's an early morning in late March and we find ourselves departing from a sleepy, chilly Seattle and readying for the 80 degree weather that awaits us in San Juan, Puerto Rico. VIA works with Tim's company on quite a few projects and as the big day drew nearer, he would always remind us, "better bring your sunscreen!" It didn't settling in how hot it was going to be until actually stepping off the plane and feeling the mildly foreign wall of heat that you experience after a long Seattle winter, kind of like the opposite of walking into a department store with those super high powered A/C fans that blast a definitive barrier of cool air as you walk in... yeah, the exact opposite of that. Regardless, it was a welcoming change of climate as we arrived at La Concha Renaissance Resort, where the wedding was held. It was bustling and BEAUTIFUL. One of the first things we noticed when we were there (other than that it reminded us of a sort of Spanish influenced Waikiki) was that the sunsets were gorgeous but set incredibly fast! Here in the northwest, it feels like the sunsets like to linger and slowly fade into a gentle pre-dusky glow. Not here in Puerto Rico, it went from late evening light to brilliant sunset to pitch black night in less than an hour.

The view from the top floor of the hotel at sunset.

The view from the top floor of the hotel at sunset.

Lan + Tim and some of their friends and family at a dinner the day before the wedding.

Lan + Tim and some of their friends and family at a dinner the day before the wedding.

Lan and Tim have definitely become a couple we've gotten to know much more closely as a result of getting to shoot this Love Story with them. As soon as we got to Puerto Rico, they both took such great care of us and treated us like family. That was one of the defining aspects of these two that we really saw shine through during this trip, that they really, REALLY took incredibly good care of their people. They spared no expense in order to make all of their guests feel welcomed and loved during the entire trip, us included! We were incredibly moved by all the positive things that those closest to them had to say about Lan and Tim, both individually and as a couple. 

Get the shot!

Get the shot!

The ceremony location looked amazing, set in the outdoor seating area of the hotel pressed up against the beach, close enough to hear the waves gently crashing on shore and to see the occasional surfer cruise by. More often then not though, curious beachgoers walked past or stood by at a distance to admire the beautiful scene.

I spy orange sunglasses.

I spy orange sunglasses.

Rewind several months to an autumn evening in Seattle; Tim and Lan had decided that they wanted to share in a very special experience with all of the wedding guests at the reception, so they had us shoot a Love Story with them all over Seattle! We interviewed the two both separately in which they detailed how they met (which is a pretty hilarious story in itself), fell in love, and were engaged... but the most notable aspect of all this was that they didn't know what the other had said in their interviews until the actual day of the wedding! It was just as much a surprise and unique viewing experience to them as it was to the rest of the guests, as it was EVERYBODY'S first time seeing it.

With that, we invite you to watch the Love Story that premiered at their reception!

The rest of the reception was an absolute party and a joy to watch Lan and Tim let loose surrounded by loved ones. There was plenty of laughter, photobooth fun, good food, and dancing of course atop the beautiful hotel overlooking surrounding waterfront area.


We are super thankful to the both for allowing us to be a part of their special day and look forward to sharing more from the trip in the future!

Special thanks to Saul Padua for providing photos of us during the wedding! You can check out his coverage of Lan and Tim's special day here:

As always, thanks so much for checking in with us here at VIA Creatives! If you know anyone getting married who has an awesome story they'd love to tell, don't hesitate to let us know!

Till next time,

Matt + Team VIA